What should i do

so i have a question i didn’t know i needed to sign into if so now im already at grade 2 i just linked my forum acount to my if acount so are the xp’s and etc on my account now or do i need to make an account al over again and restart the process

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Hi, welcome to the community! If I interpreted your question correctly, there should be no change to your account when you first link it.

yes i dint sign in at first and i link my account after i started playing so yeah

Welcome to the community sir, there’s no obvious problem to do that, have a nice day!

Please understand that from the way you’ve formulated your issue, it isn’t very clear what the exact issue or question is.

Using punctuation will absolutely help with this.

Also use a clear description in the topic.
“What should I do” as a topic doesn’t help others to get any idea what you need help with.

First of all, you don’t “need” to sign into the IFC to accumulate XP and such.
There are plenty of users without an IFC account.

Second; linking to the IFC account doesn’t affect any stats.

Welcome to the community!

You will not lose your stats if you link your IFC account. As Jan said above, you can accumulate XP, flight hours and landings without having an IFC account connected; these stats are linked to an Infinite Flight account, which is subscription-based.

Linking your IFC account to your Infinite Flight account allows you to fly with your IFC username displayed in-flight (which you can always disable, if you don’t wish that to be the case), and use the same account on different devices. You can learn more about your user profile in this section of the Getting Started guide.


Well said, @AviatorAlex 👍