What should I do?

I really want the Bombadier Dash 8-Q400 though paying £4 for it seems to much. Does it unlock every plane if you buy one, or just that pack?
I took Live, not Live+ so I don’t have all of the regions/aircrafts…


No, you’re solely buying the Dash-8 Q400. :)


£4 isn’t a lot at all when you think about how much time and money it took to make it… :)

If you buy the Q400 that’s the only plane that will be unlocked, however with Live+, you get all.


And I know some of you might not care just think this topic doesn’t fit the forums, but I’m curious.

The forum is here to support you!
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, glad your asking for assistance. :)

Your question has been answered by @Mats_Edvin_Aaro hope this helps.


Well… I already paid for Live… and £40 for Live+ may be cheaper, but it just doesn’t seem right.

Thank you :)

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Oh… Well that’s not the best deal…

Should I wait till my Live runs out and then I get Live+?

Live+ is by far the best investment. If you want extra value for your money, then that’s the way to go.


It is a lot for a mobile game. £4 can buy you four games on the app store…

Well, I can recommend Live+. It’s a great investment, you’ll get all planes and regions for free, not to mention you contribute A LOT to the developers, so they have funds to do the things you want them to :)


Ok, I’ll try and see about it.

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Just be in the know that live+ is 1 year access to everything. you get to fly all planes in all region in online servers for 1 year.

After that, you cant fly the planes and region you did not buy.

But like most have mentioned, its worth paying for 1 year of this access, it costs a lot more per individual payment.

I seriously think Live+ is worth every cent!

-You get all Aircraft and all regions , what more can i say ?

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For 1 year*

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You won’t regret getting the dash 8. I love it and the London city landings are amazing with it. Save up for live. I’ve spent way more than what live costs in regions and aircraft tbh.


Consider this please. I’m a student, I work every weekend for my money. Because I love IF and the way its moderated ( Developers are close and available 24/7 for the community ), Ive bought almost all aircraft, several regions I like and furthermore, I pay every month my 5,33 € subscription. And not live+. Do you know why? Because I can afford it, the half an hour of work is worth it for me. Ultimately, this ( money ) is the best way to support the devs. Please think again when saying 4 pounds for an aircraft where hours of work and tons of parameters go into is too much.
Thanks I’m out.


So you’re saying you spending more money on purpose?

Live+ saves you money. Think of it this way, in american currency. Live is $5 for one month. Live+ is $60 for 12 months. 60/12=5. You are basically paying the monthly price of Live for the whole year upfront and getting all the regions and aircraft rented out for free.