What should I do?

Expert Server -> California Map -> KONT Airport.
I flew KSAN-KONT and when I arrived to KONT I requested a touch & go, after this touch & go I reported my position to the controller to tell him I wanted to land (full stop), but he cleared me for the option, I said: ‘Correction, stand by’ and reported position again, but he seems that didn’t see that I was to land and not touch & go. What should I do in this case? Thanks!

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An option clearence does give permission for a landing. The ATC is not required to reclear you for landing.


That ATC should have ghosted el chapo.


Okay, thank you!


When you are cleared for the option,you can do a full stop landing. Giving another extra landing clearance is at the discretion of the controller. Enjoy!


So, if you wanted to land then why did you request a touch and go or was this just a mistake?

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I requested a touch & go, after make the touch & go I requested land ;)


If he’s already cleared you for the option you can also land. I normally don’t mind another message for me to know your going to stop so I don’t forget to give you an exit command, but if its busy try to avoid sending messages which aren’t really necessary.

Okay, I must have read it wrong. I would have done the same thing after I did the touch and go, report full stop. It looks like the controller just made a mistake, it happens to everyone. :)

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Neither the controller nor the pilot did anything wrong. It’s a case of misunderstanding. But am sure now it’s crystal clear. So both parties- cheers!
And @FlyerN926HY is right. Your intention to ask for a full stop is correct,so we as a controller should be ready with the exit runway command.


I had this same issue. Don’t worry I did the same thing this controller did so to me it makes sense. When you do a touch and go, it includes landings.

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The way I look at it is this…I give clearance for the option. I don’t know how many other controllers do this, but when you are like five feet above the runway I zoom in on you and watch your every movement. If slow beyond a certain speed in my list I issue the exit runway command. If you speed up then I don’t worry about it. That’s just me and that’s why I would have issued the “you’re already cleared to land” instruction.

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