What should I do?

Hi. I am flying from EGLL to YSSY in a BA B787-9, but I have none enough fuel. What should I do?


Anyone pls help? I am really near to YPDN

You can try landing in YBBN but the closer you get the lighter you are so you might just make it

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OK. I have tried to plan to land on YBBN but I realized that I have no enough fuel, too. I will prefer to land at YPDN

You should make it to YSSY looking at the 22% you have left. Safest option is to divert though.

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You could land at Alice Springs (YBAS)

Given your position, your best bets are probably to land at either Darwin or Cairns (YPDN or YBCS) and refuel there.

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But there is no enough RW length. So that’s why I hate Australia

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There should be, Singapore Airlines are storing their A380s there


OK. Thanks for your advice.

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Alice Springs has an 8,000ft runway. Qantas’ Yam Dreaming Boeing 787-9 was delivered to Qantas at Alice Springs whilst flying direct from Everret.

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This topic may close now. Thanks for all folks’ advice.