What should i do?

Every time at Final at an airport the runways are green but when i’m on final it turns red. What should I do in this situation?


Keep going. Doesn’t mean the runway is closed. Just the winds acting up.


You don‘t mean the PAPI lights though, do you?


No because PAPI’s aren’t green hes is talking about the actual runway.

If you are on final just go ahead and land runways don’t change very quickly IRL.

Cign :)

Yes I know that but this confuses me since the lights change their color very rare as you already said.


Better to do is look at the current wind (METAR or you could get the exact wind in your status bar /live cockpit) and decide if you think it is necessary to go missed. At the end of the dat you are the pilot so it is your call.

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I mean the runway numbers on the minimap!

Hi, you need to check the metar on this airport, i recommended you to use windy (https://www.windy.com/ ) to see what is the best runway to use,
remember, green, orange and red light are not 100% reliable.

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I also recommend checking FR24 or FlightAware or any other flight tracking service to keep up with realistic runway operations. As many have said above, IRL, runway operations doesn’t change in a second, it can sometimes take hours more often than not!


A rule of thumb: as long as the tailwind component doesn’t exceed 10kts, you’re definitely fine to continue and land a jet. You can even get away with a stronger tailwind on longer runways.


you usually land in a tailwind at KSLC IRL.

Yes, good reference, Flight Radar 24 👍

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You’ll be fine with some wind shear I had wind shear of 28kts coming into Calgary once.

I have had similar situations. I think it’s due to the map being updated rarely regarding the weather. I always look at the WX to determine if the STAR chosen at the beginning of the flight is still the best one and change it if needed

As other users said, just go ahead and land! Unless the winds have drastically changed and your approach will put your aircraft in danger if you try to land (in which case you should G/A), you should be ok to land.

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