What Should I Do?

This is embarrassing. I was on Live (saw Laurens, too) in Singapore on Advanced. I was on the perfect approach, until I had to change to an opposite runway. So, I entered where the controller told me, then, my dog started barking, so I looked to see why. I didn’t see anything wrong so I looked back, and found out I was stalling. I stayed calm, but could only recover so much, since I was only a few thousand feet high. I couldn’t get out of the descent fast enough, and decided to ditch in the water. I did this cause I couldn’t find empty land to land on and I was over ocean shore area. I made it sucsesfully without crashing, only, now I’m on live, in the middle of the ocean looking like Nick Chan. I was so ashamed I imediently exited. Was this the right way to handle it?


Issue a go around, and re-enter the pattern. Level out, pull the gear up, gain some speed, and then precede into a go around procedure.

No about the stall. Should I left imediently, recovered a different way, what?

If you stall, level out, throttle up, bring up anything slowing your aircraft down… (Gear, Spoilers) then precede on when you finish the stall recovery procedures.

Ok. I tried to do that. Was ditching the right choice for this situation? I couldn’t recover

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What else are you suppose to do when you crash. ;)

Only if the passengers had time to get their life jackets on!

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Realize that you made a mistake, and not every pilot is perfect. It’s ok to fail, don’t worry about what others think. Just know what to do and keep learning :)


Maybe I should have waited the 90 seconds for everyone to evacuate my 777. I don’t know if ATC saw what I had down or what cause they cleared me to land as I touched down on the water

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As we don’t have any way to tell atc we are going down, you really can’t.

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Yep, that would have been nice to tell the controller I was going down.

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I thought the ATC barked at you like a dog 😂

Did APP change your assigned RWY?


If you weren’t able to recover, how were you able to choose a landing spot and put it down without crashing? Sounds like you recovered from the stall.

Maybe I should rephrase it, I could recover from the stall, but could gain altitude, and if I pulled my nose of too much to start climbing I’d stall again

How do you land on the water without crashing?

That’s how IF is like… Water is land…

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