what should i do?

Hello IFC I just wanted to ask the community what they think I should do because I literally just hit 200 landings and I was wondering should I just do patterns and grind it (which like most could get that in a day or two) or just go with the flow and when grade 4 comes it comes?

I would really appreciate everyone’s feedback and hope to see y’all in the skies!

I would say don’t worry about it and let it come when it does. As long as you act professionally grade isn’t a big factor.


My strategy is to just enjoy the sim until Grade 4 comes up. Thats how I got it XD

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@MacGyver & @Bravo59 thanks appreciate it :)

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Glad I could help! Happy flying!
also, from grade 4, you have to do only about 2 landings everyday to maintain it.

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See u in da skies!

What I did to get grade 4 was both. I flew regularly and grind landings. But honestly you can do whatever you want…

2 landings everyday is almost enough to maintain grade 5

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Do that and get grade 4. How do you think I got grade 3 or @Qantas094 grade 5?

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I wouldn’t pressure myself for Grade 4. There’s not too much about having it and it’s much more important to have fun flying in my opinion.

Therefore if you like pattern work, why not, but if normal flights are more enjoyable for you (as they’re for me), than that is the way to go in my opinion.

Also there are topics on Grade 4 Is it worth it here on the community so probably search for those for further input!

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