What should I do?

Hi guys :) ,
I need to ask something. If I am flying in a airport controlled by IFATC and all of a sudden global server is down and I can’t see the runway, should I try to continue to land, or restart the flight tomorrow? Yesterday global server went down for me 15 miles from EGLL. I landed successfully in runway 27R. ATC was not present at that time . I am just trying to prepare myself in case this happens again today :) .

If I opt to restart the flight tomorrow, I’ll still share my pictures from take off in the screenshots category :) .
Thank you guys in advance for any idea on this. I have a good system with battery life now, but I want to be prepared for all situations like this one :)

I would divert to a close airport, because you could be ghosted for not following instructions


Ok it sounds like that might be what I might end up doing just in case. I haven’t even started descending yet

If it’s patchy then divert or end your flight. If it doesn’t re-connect after at least 10 minutes then it’s likely it won’t re-connect so just do whatever, the one thing you don’t want if for it to re-connect on final and ATC is screwed.


Thank you :) I’ll have to check and see how I’m doing in 30 minutes. If I do have to end my flight, I’ll make sure I clear storage so I can try again tomorrow. I’m just super cautious :)

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