What should I do?

So I was flying a flight from KLAX to KSEA, and as I was around 20 nm away from the runway, I realized that I was overweight. Then, the tower tells me to land. I can’t land overweight, but as I check the ATC buttons, there is no button to tell the ATC “unable” or “aircraft overweight”. What should I do?

(and for anyone wondering the app crashed on final 😑)

If the aircraft is a heavy, go to the systems screen and there should be a “fuel dump” option. If not in a heavy, announce a missed approach and circle the airport until under the MLW. That’s my best guess

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That only works above 7,000, and only on heavy aircraft. I’d ask for a departure to the xxxx then burn off the fuel.


Come on the approach, go around, climb to 10,000, burn off the fuel, land

I would also suggest being more precise with your fuel calculations. Quite a few threads on the forum in regards to that or use a flight planner that gives you the block fuel needed for your journey.

*Edit: What everyone else above said will work too.

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