What should I do with unreasonable ATC?

I know most ATCs in IF know what they are doing, but I think there are exceptions. I encountered one, TOWER ATC, sending on guard warning since I was near 50 NM away from the airport, and keeping sending on guard warning before APPR’s handing over. What should I do with this situation?

Was this on the training or expert server?

I’m gonna assume this was on Training.

There’s nothing you can do. That’s just it - it’s for training. Some people actually train, and some people just troll. Avoid busy airports until you get to Grade 3. Then, fly on Expert. Much better experience.


Just because they send you a on guard at 50nm dosnt necessary mean they are trolling, just as likely they are new to using ATC and trying to work out how it works!

Always use a good pinch of salt when flying on the training server, you get a good mix of experienced and well meaning new users as well as the odd troll!


If this happened on the expert server, you could pm the controller and give them feedback. We are always open to feedback on our controlling, as long as it is respectful


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