What should I do when..?

Hello Guys, I’m Donda and I recently became IF member. I started in IF only because of ATC, this great art that amuse me. I’m very noob yet, only 61 operations but I’m aiming for more and more every day.

So I have some questions about situations that happened to me while I was operating in OMDB in Training Server .

Situation A)
In Groud frequency, after pilot requested to pushback and ready for taxi, I gave the instructions of taxing to runway. Right after my instructions, the pilot requested to approve frequency change. He didn’t start his way to the runway yet and already requested to change to Tower. So, what should I do in this situation? Do I approve? Or another message i can send?

Situation B)
In Tower, pilot sent ready to takeoff, I sent hold short, since the aircraft in front of him was preparing to take off. However, as soon as the aircraft started speed up, the pilot that I asked for hold short lined up and already started taking off, together with the aircraft in front of him. I search for misc. messages that I could tell him he was not following my instructions. We were both in training, so I don’t mind the mistake, I just want notice him he was doing something wrong. So, what should I have done in this situation?

Situation C)
During inbound, pilot requested to landing in 34L runway. I sent instructions to land in 34R since I had an aircraft cleared to takeoff in the 34L. However he insisted in 34L and didnt changed his position. So I had to hurry and cancel takeoff and wait for his land. What should I do in this situation? Am I wrong in change runway of landing?

Very sorry if I made dummy questions.

Thank you in advance!


Firstly, welcome to the world of ATC. A good group to join is ATC Education Group. They help train people to improve their knowledge on ATC procedures and how to be a better Air Traffic Controller.

Linked below is ATCEG’s website, where you can take a look to find out more information or contact @Trio directly.

Your Situation Answers:

Situation A: In this situation, instead of giving them ‘Frequency Change Approved’ or ‘Contact XXXX Tower’, you should select Misc Messages and scroll down and select ‘Stay on my frequency’.

The pilot should stay on ground frequency until they reach the hold short of the runway they are taking off from.

Situation B: In this situation you should have went to ‘Misc Messages’ and sent ‘Please wait for clearance before taking off’. This would then inform the pilot that they are not cleared for takeoff.

Situation C: In this situation you should have went to ‘Misc Messages’ and sent ‘Wait for clearance before landing’. Since the pilot was not following your instructions, you did the second best thing in telling the aircraft to ‘Cancel takeoff clearance’.

Hoped this helped! If you have any questions, let me know. :)


Hi Donda,

Not very much I m afraid.
On TS, you don’t have the same possibility as Expert ATC.

Quite frustrating, as you can’t even send a « … refer to tutorial… on ATC instruction… ».
You will face dozen not to say hundreds of operations where pilots will not follow your instructions responding More often « Unable ».

Personaly, on situation C, i ve found in misc. message « Do not follow fpl ».
But if the pilot does not respond… nothing you can do. Most of them are beginners G1 and G2.

So be patient, continue to practice and once you’ll reach 500 ATC operations and Grade 3, you’ll be eligible to enroll in ATC program to control on expert server.



Hi guys?

I got it. I will continue training and hope get my grade 3 soon.

Thank you very much for the help!

See you on left base!


Hello and Welcome,

I would highly advise you join ATCEG by following the link posted above, find an ATC trainer, look into creating a tracking thread you will really benefit from the quality pilots who will be more then happy to come out and fly for you. Just opening an airfield that has high numbers on the TS will only attract sub par pilots and trolls.

Here is a link to My tracking thread as an example.

You will find that everyone on IFC and ATCEG are all willing to help get more qualified controllers. It also is a lot more fun not dealing with bad pilots who don’t know anything about aviation or procedures. Let me know when you are controlling next and I will come join the pattern.

Thank you very much for the help man.

I still have no qualifications for start ATCEG yet but I’m training and hope soon I can join it.

I will create an activity tracker so more pilots can help me.

Thank all and a Merry Christmas for all!

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Heu Guys,

Today I was handling ATC G/T in OMDB and i had couple of airplanes playing of “walking” around the airport, without following any rule or responding to my commands. Look:

What should I have do in this situation?

Unfortunately as it is TS, not much you can really do about it other than controlling on the Expert server by joining IFATC through the links above.

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Even though nothing much can be done in the Training Server, you can use a command from the Miscellaneous menu which is mentioned as “Wait for Clearance”, which says “Please wait for clearance before taxiing”. You can also use “This is not a taxiway” and “Do not taxi through grass” from the same menu in other situations.


Thank you guys!

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