What should I do when I was locked by ATC1 server

I was locked by ATC1 server . What should I do ? He say I’m in grade 2 and the grade 3 iS required

Were you ghosted, or have received a lot of violations lately?

I think I have been ghosted lol!!!

Ok, wait 24 hours and you should regain access :)

Okay ! What if it was due to too many times of violations?
What should I do or wait??

Check to see if your standing is below 100%. If you have a standing of 100% but still cannot access to Advanced server, try some touch and gos in Oshkosh or Paris then see if you can get back on. IF occasionally rounds up 99.6% standing to 100% standing so it can be misleading.


If it’s due to the number of violations you got you need to wait. You can’t get more than 3 in a day. Check the link below for more specific qualifications on grade 3 :)

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Thanks for your reply

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Thx for your reply

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