What should I do when I see someone is not follow ATC’s instruction

Hi,there.I’d like to ask what should I do,neither ghosted them or report them on the community.Any one could help me?

But someone will say that is ts,it is for training!

If it’s on training server, your options are limited. There’s no real way to enforce rules on the TS.

Yes,that’s it😂

The mods aren’t going to deal retroactively with someone entering the runway without permission or jumping sequence on TS.

If you have a racist or otherwise abusive callsign or something, yeah. But not your run-of-the-mill TS shenanigans.

I’m sure they would just as soon not have an inbox full of those each day.

Cliché alert: People don’t listen on training (though we can stop pretending they’re learning as far as I’m concerned. There are no consequences, and that’s about as deep as you have to dig to find a reason.)


Roger that,thanks

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a good session, though. I was controlling for about 1.5 hours at KLAX this morning, and there was maybe only 1 person who misbehaved.

You have a really good luck,wonderful!

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