What should I do when I have changed frequency?

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I have short question … in my eyes it‘s a dumb question but when the Approach tells me to contact the tower and I switch it what I should say to the tower ? Cause I normally presses on Call Inbound etc. and then the Tower told me to check out tutorials…

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Inbound on ILS, GPS, Visual then runway (number)!

Only do it once then, ATC will give you, someone to follow or clear for landing

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There are a couple different types of approaches that approach could have set you up with. If they put you on an ILS approach, then you would call to tower saying that you were on the ILS. Same goes for visual. There is no need to call inbound for those two types of approaches.

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Just to elaborate even more:

If you get ‘cleared ILS/GPS Runway 28L’ you then go to Tower and call inbound on the ILS/GPS runway. (As already described above)

If there is no Approach, call inbound but either press ‘send’ or ‘request specific runway’. Always check the ATIS before you enter an airspace.

Adding on to what’s been said above: it’s okay to call inbound for landing only if you’ve been given radar vectors. After calling inbound for landing, the controller will give you a pattern entry, sequence (if applicable) and then a clearance.

RVs are the only circumstance where you’d call inbound for landing. ILS/visual approaches will require calling inbound on ILS/visual (as said above).

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