What should I do when ATC is calling?

I have a question that happens often

26nm no approach so I am in contact with atc tower, minutes later approach calls on guard. should I switch to approach or stay with tower ? then if I switch to approach tower starts calling :-)

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I guess you could ask tower for a frequency change. If he’s aware of the active approach controller, he’s gonna send you over. Or else ask you to remain on his frequency


As IFATC s we have instructions not to send guard by two differt freq…this shouldn’t have happened…as far as I know…but if u are 26nm …I think its better to stick wid approach


Was it on Expert server or training server?

In training server the atcs may not be in contact with each other, at 26nm i think having you on approach would be good.

The tower can focus on expediting departures and landing clearance instead of pattern and sequencing.

However training server atcs are usually individuals so its possible that they end up fighting for your attention.

If you have a competent approach on training, you could stay on approach frequency as they guide you down to intercepting a localiser.

Just let tower know you need a frequency change.

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