What should I do to become a commercial pilot?

Hey guys, I’m 16 years old, I’m wondering what should I do to be a commercial pilot… I’m currently thinking of finishing school and studying aviation at university and do flight lessons or when I finish school I’ll join the Royal Australian Air Force and learn to be a pilot there (it’s free to learn and you get paid to learn) and once I learn to be a pilot at the airforce I’ll apply to be commercial pilot

Well it all depends on your abilities and financial capabilities.

On my side I’d go for the military way because I love flying in this world and it’s an open and free way. But going there just to be a commercial pilot after doesn’t sound like the good way to do it since you will compete with fanatics of the RAAF ready to do everything to pass selections.

There is another free way, you could join a National school of civilian aviation or another organism. I know the ENAC in France but I believe Airbus opened one in Europe recently and has one in South America.

I don’t know about Australia honestly.


There is a lot of different ways. Myself, i’m doing my PPL first then I will try to enter the Airbus Flight Academy in France. You can also do a military career first. There Is a lot of ways to fly :)

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Well, there are several ways.

You first have to be aware that Pilot training is not cheap. In fact, its one of the most expensive career paths in the world. So if you could find an option that has your training covered by the government, that’s the best way possible.

Your first way is to take part in a Public school that has flying clubs embedded into the school program. I know several types of schools like this, however they are on the other side of the world in Europe. If you join a school like this, I believe that the a portion of the money you pay goes monthly into the Flying training. It’s basically like paying a dept.

The second way is to join the military. Almost 90% of the time, the Flight Training is almost entirely free. However, if you would like to be a commercial pilot, joining the military might be a waste of time if it isn’t something you really want to do. But, you get your training for 10% of the cost people normally pay.

Now the third way is, to take part in a club, that has been created by the government. I know that several airlines have clubs like these, which basically take you through all the normal steps and procedures that are meant to be used when getting your PPL’s and Type ratings. This is to me, the best because of two reasons:

  1. You don’t pay immediately. You pay when you get the job. You basically pay a dept from your salary.
  2. You get a secured job on that airline as a pilot.

If I were you, I’d start searching for programs like these, and they would be my top priority,

So, I hope that this helps, and I wish you the best of luck on your upcoming journey!


Commercial pilot and airline pilot are both different meaning, commercial pilot mean you can get pay for working as a pilot and Airline pilot or ATP is airline transporting passenger. I am currently in study and flight training in a part 141 private University at California Aeronautical University in a 3 years program. This includes my private pilot license, instrument rating, commercial rating, CFI license, CFII, and multi-engine rating. Then I go off to an airline.

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@BrandonIF here’s my opinion on this (I live in Australia):

  • Get some sort of flying done while you’re in school, whether this be a single Trial Flight in a GA plane, or maybe even starting training. Just see if it’s actually what you want to do. For the cheapest way to get a basic license definitely get into the RAAus Pilot Certificate which allows you to fly yourself around once you get it. Do some research and see if it’s for you.

  • Ensure your hearing and eyesight are at a suitable level, or ultimately do a medical check for the standards of a Commercial Pilot (Class 1 in Australia). It would suck to start training and spend thousands of dollars when you find out that you medically don’t qualify to be a pilot.

  • Attend some seminars, expos (Brisbane Aviation Expo is on this weekend if you’re in the area) to get talking to some people. If you can’t do these, just email them, I’m sure they’ll be happy to refer you to a recruiter and they can talk to you. Networking is a large part of the aviation industry

  • If you can afford it, start Flight training while you are in school. (I got my RAAus pilot certificate at age 15 - if you want to know more about that just let me know) This will allow you to start grasping the basics of flight and operations.

  • Personally, I don’t see the point in doing a Uni course such as the Bachelor if Aviation through Uni’s like Griffith, USQ etc. The time and money spent studying a Bachelor could be put towards actual flying. However, there are benefits to these courses, as some are partnered with the Qantas Future Pilot Program and similar things, which can be helpful to get a job once finished. The downside to what I’ve heard about these courses is that Airline recruiters aren’t really looking for people with these Bachelors of Aviation, it’s more hours that they’re looking for.

  • On the defence force side. The defence force is a great option, although it both needs to be for you, and you need to ‘the best of the best’ in terms of your abilities. I’ve heard good about the RAAF and they seem to train pilots to a really good standard, as well as look after them very well (pay, medical, etc.). My cousin is in the RAAF currently and loves it. He’s getting paid well and he’s in his 20’s and is already flying the C130’s

  • Private Training. This option is almost like the middle between the RAAF and the Uni courses. It is pricey, although it will get you your license. After getting your license and ATPL done, you will need to build hours (not sure on how many - check VA’s or Qantas’ websites for that) until you can start applying.

  • The last option which I’m not sure if you have heard of is getting your commercial license and flying for a small charter, tourism or something else, airline who usually fly in the NT and regional areas. Although you will need to already have your Commercial license, it is a great way to build hours quickly. It may only take you a year and you will have the hours required to apply for Qantas or other airlines.

I hope this helped (it took forever to type on my phone XD)

I’m only a school student too with my recreation certificate, so others please correct me if I’m wrong

If you have any questions, just @ me or DM me.



Thanks so much I’ll look into it!!

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I heard who could work for a airline and study for aviation you can’t fly though you just watch is this true

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Try several big and small scholarships or join air cadets and get it that way

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Thanks so much, I appreciate it heaps

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This actually might help for you age. Check out the young eagles program, that’s what I am doing now.

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