What should I do then.....

Am still very new to Playground. As the record shows, the ATC came alive when I was ready to turn into Runway 02C. Upon takeoff, I was asked to say intentions. However, due to the facts that I was caught off guard by that question and I wasn’t able to find any of the provided response options to inform the ATC I was en route to WMKK. Probably after 10+ seconds of hesitation, I was asked to descend and maintain 5,000ft when I was at about 8,500ft above the runway… After I did as told, and then tried to contact the ATC again to get permission to ascend to 21,000ft, the controller had already dropped everything…
Please help me in explaining how I could have done better in that situation. Thanks~~

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You can simply ask to climb when ATC asks you " say intentions "! If you don’t have a flight plan, you can also request radar vectors!

Hope that helps! :)

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Thanks, Roy.
I did have a flight plan. However, I wasn’t able to find “radar vector” option on that menu, nor could I find, if I remember it right, “altitude change” then…

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First thing first; way to go for following directions. As you witness it gets crazy busy on the simulator. If this happens again simply press standby or unable. Unable is the fastest option since it is given as a standard reply. I try to do both because it lets the controller know you working thru a solution. Secondly restate your intention. For example if you’re going from LAX-SAN just request flight following to SAN and normally they will tell you to continue on and/or follow-up with instruction to your final. Was this helpful?

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Thanks, James~ I probably should have just replied with “unable” at that moment. BTW, I wasn’t able to find “flight following” on that menu, either. That was the reason I got panic ;-)

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So flight following only appears if you create a flight plan. Are you familiar with making flight plans?

Yes, I am. Well, at that moment, I probably deviate from the route on my flight plan for a few seconds as I wan’t ready to take the question from ATC just upon takeoff. So, James, you were saying I didn’t have the "flight following’ option just b/c of my brief deviation?

Too bad I didn’t take pic of my flight plan ;-(

No @James_Wooten

I doubt he should have asked flight following. I think you ask flight following when you fly VFR not IFR.


@AF330 flight following is for IFR not VFR

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See what @Aernout said on one of his tutorial threads:

Flight following should be only be used when flying VFR and when flying a “general aviation” airplane. You can think of the Cessna 172, 208, and the Cirrus for example. Any airline transport airplane is NOT allowed in real life to fly VFR when carrying passengers. Please refrain from asking FF when flying a jet!!

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Yes, I had requested “flight following” a couple of times before when I flew VFR with C208.


Please check my previous answer. I doubt @Aernout is wrong. He is an FO on the A380.

And this time I was flying a B737-800.

Flight following can be either or I suppose but it’s just stating your following your flight plan. And it’s reserved for general aviation due to the fact airliners don’t specifically go off of their flight plan because they are in constant contact with ATC

Ok, so please don’t ask for flight following. Just radar vectors or altitude change when ATC asks you " Say Intentions “. If you really don’t know what to answer, just transmit " Standby”

Yes. It is for VFR so we should NOT use it when flying a 737 :)

Thanks, Roy. And, thanks to all of you!! I get to learn quite a bit from you all today. Appreciate it ;-)

Or IFR you can still follow a flight plan in IFR but your right not in a 737

No worries Joseph Tai, my pleasure :)