What Should I Do Next Time?

Hey, IFC!

I don’t usually make topics like this but this is a genuine question.

Please note that this is not a rant. I am very calm :)

So I was flying to TNCM in a C17. As you may know it is a chunky plane. I started the long approach pattern at 200 knots. No problem. About halfway through, I was asked to go to 180. This is when issues started. I was at 77% load and at 180 knots, it was very very hard to fly. I obeyed however but the plane was flying with the nose up and was in a constant stall alarm, often losing altitude until i put TOGA thrust.
So i was able to manage that for 9-10 minutes. At this point, there are many planes in front and behind me. I was on base and was asked to go to 160 knots. I was obviously unable to do that because I was already too slow to manage. I then replied “unable”

I was told to ✨ please follow instructions ✨.

At this point I disconnected, wanting to avoid a violation however I am a bit sad to have lost all this progress to my flight.

Asked to go too slow to handle by ATC, said unable and then was asked to follow instructions.

How could I have handled it better?

Thank you! Have a great day!

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U could check and make sure that the fuel you load in does not show( MLW) cause that will cause some problem you could also use trim if you did not use it I like mine at 15% trim it helps stabilize the aircraft and a better landing!

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I suggest you sending a PM to the controller for more information, thanks!

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Thank you!

I did some fuel dump ahead of time until i was good, but the issue was a lot of cargo. I used some trim and it helped at first but at 180 it was too hard for it to help.

Thanks for the help :)

No problem man!

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alright I DMd them!

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