What should I do if

If I have to backtaxi to a runway, I ask for takeoff right? What if the ATC tells me to takeoff, but doesn’t tell me to backtaxi? This happened to me at TFFR and I got confused about what to do. I couldn’t takeoff because I would either takeoff from the wrong side or use only a quarter of the runway, and I was in a 787. Please help so I can use this for future reference.

What server was this?

I’m pretty sure training.

If you need the space, just back taxi, line up and depart. Feel free to contact the controller, if able, and share your experience and suggest using the back taxi so everyone can improve.


Well it happens. If you have enough room you could back taxi I guess.

Sure! Unfortunately I don’t remember the controller at the time. Thanks!

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I have another question, I didn’t want to create a new thread since it’s just a small thing. If the ATC clears you for takeoff and says unable pattern work, are you allowed to land at that airport to end the flight or do you have to fly to another one?

Normally when I give a “no pattern work accepted” command, it’s because my airspace is very full with arrivals that I’m still trying to sort out. Personally, I would appreciate it if you flew to another airport, called touch and go and did patterns over there. Of course, all this would happen after you changed freq :)

Any other reasons? Happened to me today, controller denied pattern work but I was the only plane in the area.

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