What should I do if my ATC box starts flashing?

I was looking at my ATC box and it started flashing what should I do?

As a controller or pilot? We need more information to help. :)

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I am a pilot

That happens to me sometimes too. Mostly when at a busy airport or if I have a bad connection. Maybe check your connection?

BTW I think this should go in the #support category.

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I just ended the flight because it was too busy and the plane froze

Also happens if there’s a broadcast message


@NathanD If you having device issues try the option to load only your msgs. That my save you tiny bit of cpu usage.

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It’s a feature I am very familiar with. I use an old tablet for IF running on android 6 or it might even be 4. When there are lots of aircraft in the vicinity and you’re using an older device this will happen. You need to reduce your graphics settings, also the HUD map seems to eat up memory so minimise it and it will help. I also avoid the cockpit camera view as this can affect the ATC menu. All of the above work for most of the time but at FNF when there are loads of planes out there forget it, the whole menu will flash like a wingtip strobe and you won’t be able to press any menu options.

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