What should I do if I'm told to do a 180 when I'm holding short of a runway?

(Update: PM’d controller, issue resolved)

I flew into OMDB on expert server for the FNF with an EK A380, and was told to hold short 30L and contact ground after exiting 30R. However, when I requested to cross 30L, I was instructed (by ground) to do a 180. I didnt know what to do, because if I moved forward, I’d be intruding on 30L, and there was no ‘unable’ option in the communications tab. Eventually I just did a non-legit pushback on the taxiway. Was it the right thing to do?

(TLDR) What should you do if you’re told to do a 180 while holding short of a runway?

I guess you then follow the instruction and do a 180 as the ATC controller is wanting you to go in another direction alternatively you can message the controller via a PM regarding this situation and I guess he can give you more explanation to why they gave you this command.


You can see the command in the ATC box and my position on the taxiway

As mentioned here “please contact the controller”

You should not have been asked to do a 180 there.

For that reason, let’s please leave the controller’s name out of this thread.

We will discuss any particulars in PM.