What should i do for first time ?

what should I do for infinite flight the first time after downloading it and then playing solo first or buying a multiplayer subscription? if the first thing multiplayer has to do? interested in games like this and it looks real that’s why the attraction for me to try this game, thanks for the good response🥰👍


I would first get used to the sim by playing in solo then when your ready buy pro


I do recommend to get a pro subscription, as you then get more planes, more regions, more realism and multiplayer

then fly where you want to fly, sky is the limit, except when your engine is on fire ;)

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Hey! I would highly reccomened that you purchase multiplayer.

  • You can fly anywhere you want in the world!
  • Live multiplayer!
  • All airplanes!
  • Events, group flights, and so much more!

In the end, it’s all up to you. Solo is good to practice with airplanes.

Hmm, Its good idea i think
Maybe practice in multiplayer right 😄👍

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You can do whatever you please. Let us know what you decide :)

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Do solo for a few days see how you like it then from there buy the 1 month subscription then if u still like it then buy the one year that’s what I did

I’d recommend reading the tutorials here on the forum before playing multiplayer. This will save you many violations. I’m addition, I’d also recommend sticking with one plane at first to help learn the basics.

Global 1000% it’s fun and a great experience.

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I recommend to first know the basics of Infinite Flight and get familiar with the controls in solo. When you’re ready, buy a pro subscription!

Practice in solo, Then get pro mode. 😃
You’ll be able to fly with members of this amazing community!

I advice u very much to actually have a look at the forum tutorials and practice them on casual server and training server. Be careful with your taxi speed and cruise speed, u dont want violations to stick around with u for ever. Other than that, just enjoy the simulator theres a lot to explore!

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