What should I do during an overnight longhaul?

Planning on a long overnight tonight LAX-SIN. What should I do with that time?

sleep perhaps


Since I’m 16 what I normally do is finish homework or do chores😀

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I would sleep.

Yep, absolutely you need to sleep, maybe watch a late night movie, but number one thing is to sleep. Sleep is important for body health and will help you be more alert when you land.

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Here are some tips:)


I just finished San Diego- Beijing Capital on an China Airlines A330-300 flight time 12hrs 6 min. Great flight and wonderful scenery flying over.

Sleep, listen to music, read.

Ask yourself, what would you be doing if you were NOT flying at that time? Go do that.


Thanks for all the responses!

sleep. turn your brightness down. go on scenic mods to prevent burn in (if you have an OLED, might as well do it even if you don’t)

Hey there! As the owner of an IG account based on longhaul flights, I can tell you from experience that you should go to sleep if your device comfortably runs IF. In addition, go to settings and turn both graphics settings to low and turn anti-aliasing off. Put your brightness to low, and close all other tabs you may have open on your device. Plug in your phone or tablet just before going to sleep at the lowest possible charge so it isn’t plugged in at 100% charge for too long. Go to sleep, wake up, and enjoy your landing!


I usually takeoff for longhauls before I go to the bed, and then I wake up 20min before landing lol😂 (I set an alarm with my iPad)

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I do that too.

Plan ahead, anyone? In the words of every flight instructor, stay ahead of the airplane. Plan each of your step climbs. Look at weather enroute and at your destination to make sure everything you planned is still the best option.

Sleep is probably the cliché answer, but I’d say that proper monitoring of the flight is equally as important to making sure you don’t wake up to a plane in the water or gliding towards the Himalayas. Obviously it’s not as important to do this as in a real plane, but forming good habits never hurts.

catch some sleep. Always important

Your gonna need some sleep. Try watching some YouTube videos to help you sleep whatever you like watching and right when your on the verge of falling asleep put your phone down or whatever your using and enjoy the beauty of sleep while your plane soars thousands of feet in the air.

Uhhh. Obviously sleep. Binge watch, browse the internet. Go for a walk

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I often fly these kinds of flights. Because as we all know, IF has to be on the screen in order to keep the plane flying. This may affect my normal tasks, so I prefer to fly overnight. Here are the things you need to be careful with.

  1. Check your flight time
    This is very important in case you oversleep in the morning.
  2. Plan your fuel well
    Always remember to carry enough fuel. I recommend flightplanner and I often use it, but remember to add a little more. Don’t trust the heavy button.
  3. Check when you need to descent
    There are some websites available to calculate. You can search it.

I do my homework and finish studying .I do my all my longhauls flights overnight:)