What should I buy?

Ok so… I know that there are many of these “what should I buy”… But I couldn’t find a topic with the same poll…

  • Airbus A330-200F
  • Airbus A330-300
  • Airbus A340-600
  • Boeing 747 VC-25
  • Boeing 747-200
  • Boeing 747-8
  • Boeing 747-SCA
  • Boeing 767-300
  • Boeing 777-200ER
  • Boeing 777-200F
  • Boeing 777-200LR
  • Cessna Citation X
  • F-14
  • Seattle
  • Paris
  • Wait for Global

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Thanks for your help!

Wait for global… that’s what I’m doing, but I’m worried that global will either be live only, or require an internet connection 😬

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Then why add that to the poll?

What do you mean?

Most of those aircraft need an update. Wait for global.

Oh ok, wait so spend on global?

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Yeah or get live +

But what if live+ gets more expensive when global flight comes?

Then you already have it!

I don’t :C

Thats why im saying get it now.

Oh ok… But by the time I spend to €50 global flight might already be in the game…

It’s a win win really if you think about it if global comes our before your save up money for live plus use that money towards the cost of global but if it doesn’t then get live plus

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I think you already knew what the vote was gonna be.

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No, i didn’t :P

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Find that hard to believe.

You deleted it. Nevermind.

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I would wait for global.


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