What should I buy?

B737-800 or B737-900

Get the 900. It’s much better!


737-800 all the way! They are pretty much the same plane, it’s just the 737-900 is considerably longer!


Why it is much better?

The 800 has better Liveries I would say, but I love the 900 because its larger and you have the BBJ that comes with all the airline Liveries.


Recommend 737-800 by far… several airlines including budget on that.

I have both. Prefer the 739 slightly because it poses are little bit more of a challenge flying it

Now it’s 3 vs 3 (votes). We need one more person

737-800. I’m expecting more liveries to come soon and it’s just one awesome aircraft!

  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 737-900

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The 737-900 is a great stretched variant if that’s what you’re aiming for

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  • 737-800
  • 737-900

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I wanted to do that right now 😂😂

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The only good thing about the 737-900 is that is is bigger with the factory livery …

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737-800 much better because there is more Liveries and can track a little shorter than 900

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