What should I buy?

  • Boeing 777-200
  • Airbus a340
  • Cessna Citation X
  • Carribean Region

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Pick 2!!

Get live ;)


Don’t get the A340

I can’t choose between the other 3

I already have live, I have $10 left in gift card and don’t know what to get between those

I personally love the 777-200, but the Caribbean region is awesome as well!

Carribean is fun to fly, in and Cessna Citation X is a nice and well done plane so if I were you I would go with one of those. Or get a live subscription. It’s up to you those are just my suggestions🙂

Save up for yearly maybe?

I’m a good ways away though and I’d have to wait for October for more

Buy whatever makes you happy.
The 772 is nice, the A346 might not be as detailed, but it flies well (mind you the 130kts landing speed).

I agree, its mainly about your likes and dislikes. Everyone has their own opinion. I recommend buying what you really want, or what you think will fit you the best.

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