What should I buy? No Live+ (closed)

What should I buy? I want a fairly new small plane with the Air Canada livery to fly on short routes because it’s awkward flying my 789 into KNUC. I want the A319 because it has autoland and the rouge livery, but the Q400 has Westjet and Porter. Both have many liveries I’d use often. Can you guys tell me about the graphics, physics, and cockpit of both?

  • Airbus A319
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

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I’d think it would be awkward flying any commercial plane into KNUC 😅


You get it. It’s just awkward flying the 789 on such a short route.

Dash 8 FTW


The Q400 has 3 Canadian liveries whilst the A319 has two. Go superior.

I would say the A319, as it’s just an awesome little plane, not to mention cute. However, there is a bug in Infinite Flight with the A320 family that makes the nose slam down extremely hard the second you touch the ground when you land. (if spoilers are activated) I find this the most annoying thing ever as I look like I’m on a mechanical bull, bumping down the runway to all the other Live pilots and it’s just really unrealistic. The Q400 is a nice plane, with great physics and handling. It is up to now that I have yet found any problem with this plane. The cockpit is great, the liveries are endlesss and beautiful… After reading this, you’re probably going to buy the Q400, but to further help you, try landing the FREE A321 and see if the nose slamming down is a problem for you.

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Qantas VA Group Pilot

I think I prefer the A319 as it has autoland and I generally prefer jets. Also Qatar livery for the private jet feel.

the poll is rigged if the Dash 8 doesn’t win :)

I accidentally clicked an option on the poll so A319 is winning right now.

But A319 has Qatar.



No longer rigged :)


A319 has the same cockpit as the A321, but has the most liveries, but the Dash 8 is by far one of if not the most detailed cockpit, also, it has two canadian liveries :)

Three actually. AC Express, Westjet, and Porter. Can the cockpit of the A320s match up to the 787 or Dash 8? Haven’t used the A321 in a while.

I think I might just get both then. I actually can’t decide.

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The auto approach sucks IMO and it is more of a challenge landing by adjusting autopilot (not auto approach) than it is to manually land the aircraft. That’s just my opinion. I see a lot of people with the dash 8 and it is usually the go-to for people doing TNGs on live.

Solution: Stop flying into KNUC. 😅


It just seems awkward flying widebodies at all in this game.



I’ve decided to just get Dash 8 for short hops and T&Gs, A319 for medium length, and 789 for long flights.