What should I buy? A320, A319, 777-200F

Hi there,

Over Christmas I got money and I’m getting more live but which of these aircraft should I buy???

  • A320
  • A319
  • B777-200F

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Thanks for helping!

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If you are a fan of freighters the 777-200F is the best while if you’re interested in narrow-body planes the A319/320 is the best.
Anyway the choice is yours and theaircraft chosen are one of the best in IF live😀



The a320 is amazing


Get the a319.

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A320 is a beauty. The A319 has more liveries but is a tiny bit uglier in my opinion


I think it’s best to get the 777 because the a321 is already free.

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If you don’t have a 777 get it. If you do get the 320.


Nah, the A321 and the other A320 variants are completely different in my opinion. I mean, look at the differences in the cockpit!

@GoofierLeek What aircraft do you have already? And do you like small flights or big flights? Do you like realism, or do you like to have fun more?

It really changes a lot! Remember the a320 family has high quality but really looks like the a321. Personally I would buy the a318 cause of it’s ACJ livery’s and it’s size, but if you only want one of the three; a319. The a321 is so much bigger than the a318 but the a320 is almost the same size.

I hope this helps!

In my opinion, the cockpits for the a320 family are all the same. Imagine yourself sitting in one of those cockpits, and your flight instructor ask you “what’s the difference between an a320 cockpit and an a319 cockpit?” You can’t really tell, there’s really no differences or similarities between the two cockpits.

A319 because it’s newer than the 777-200F and the A320 is just so bland and boring in my opinion.

Oh, I meant in the game, because the A321 is fitted with the generic airbus cockpit while the other A320 variants are fitted with a lit cockpit…

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Get Live+ if you can, you get all the aircraft and live subscription for a year while saving comparing to if you get 12 months of Live.

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I bought the A320!

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A320, simple to fly and a simply amazing aircraft, one of if not the best in IF

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the A318 / A319 / A320 / A321 all have the SAME cockpit, that is kind of the point of them so that you have the same common type rating across the fleet. That is one reason sometimes they have a great big notice telling the flight crew what they are sitting in, often they might have being flying say a A319 one day and then a A321 the following (my friend at BA certainly does), he says the main issue they have to look out for is potential tail strike with the longer A321.

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That’s what I said.

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The A321 cockpit light up at night like the other ones too. They’re all the same like I said.

The A319 is by far my favourite aircraft. I don’t know why, but I just love it!

You actually said what’s the difference between the A319 and A320 cockpit, and there is no difference, both in Infinite Flight and also IRL.