What shall I use to live stream?

Hello I don’t know ids this supposed to be in this topic but I’m doing a event in 4hrs and I need a live streaming app ASAP can you tell me some??

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Well if you have a tablet, you could use YT gaming for Infinite Flight


Ok thanks for th help.

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But I can live stream right?

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Are you iOS?

If so I recommend Vidih, it is amazing for streaming and is not likely to drop out, it will empty your pocket a tiny bit. My only issue is you can’t hear the sounds. However it is great for streaming Flights in excess of 8 hours.


A free service that I used to use is OmletArcade! OmletArcade uses your iOS 11 screen recorded to stream. My only issue with this is it is not good for Aussies where we have the worst internet on Earth. However if you live in South Korea or the US I highly recommend it as you can hear the sounds.

Have a niceday!


Can I live stream???

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Depends on your device. Some devices don’t offer “livestreaming” or “recording”.

I’m on a IPad Air 2.

Twitch? Possibly? the live stream for gamers

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