What sensitivity do you find best?

Hi guys,

Just wanted to gather some opinions. Currently on low sensitivity after returning to the game from a while out, not sure how im feeling after finding ‘normal’ a little too over sensitive. Currently using iPhone 7.

Whats your current setting and device?


It varies for me. If I am in a commercial aircraft, I pick low as it is smoother. If I am in GA, I do medium. If I am in a fighter, I go high because it is better for combat simulation and acrobatics.

I usually keep my sensitivity on low just to prevent the aircraft from going nose down or up too quickly. This once happened to me in a flash flight(yes there was a lot of people) and I sneezed and the plane went straight down.


I agree, planning on trialing normal for take-off (low seems to take too much effort to get off the ground) and low for landing as normal for me on my device seems to be very bumpy indeed

As low as possible.

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Always low for me. With the right trim, flaps, speed, weight, etc you should be able to get off the ground nice and smooth.

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You need to use trim. I don’t change the “low normal high” settings but I adjust it manually in the control settings.

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I always set my controls to high (even in airliners). You can achieve a lot of control input by tilting the device only a bit. With this option i always have full control of my aircraft. That is very helpful when going around and during crosswind approaches

I have mine set to default with the other sensitivity settings on high. It’s very useful during landing as you don’t have to tilt your device as much to stay aligned with the runway and same goes with pitch control on takeoff and landing.


I hate to be that person but this topic is quite similar:

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How do you guys stay aligned lol. My hands are really shaky

My hands aren’t too shaky, I have it on really high because otherwise when I have to move my device a lot I can’t move one axis without moving the other so I just end up being unstable and bobbing up and down

when im taking off ill use normal so i can get my plane off the ground but when im landing i use low bc ive found it easier to make smooth landings. if i do normal for landings i always end up flaring to high accidentally.

I use default sensitivity.

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