What scenery should I buy except London. Preferably one that is busy in live?

I was thinking something like the Caribbean or hawaii

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Get Hawaii, the Caribbean or Denver.


Socal is always crazy on live (but is the most popular)-both of your choices are pretty good


Yeah I’m always there though
Sometimes gets a bit boring.

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its free their asking for a place to buy

Caribbean and Hawaii are very good regions, and quite big too. :)
They are both quite busy at times though.

Hawaii is a good area. The trip from Hilo to Honalulu is a nice 30 min flight and when ATC is live, it’s nice and busy.

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yep for sure

Anouther vote for Hawaii! Lovely scenery with some realistic and enjoyable routes to fly. Also when ATC is added makes it a really enjoyable experience

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100% Hawaii. You won’t regret it

Hawaii or Caribbean, they are real fun:)

I love Carribean and really like Hawaii. Both have great scenary, Hawaii is bigger but I prefer the Carib.

Denver is a honorable mention; get this is you like mountain flying and/or GA.

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Alright cheers guys. Gone with Hawaii. Waiting for the update to land on iOS like 🙄

Hawaii is great! I also recently got it.

So cal is crazy on training server but Hawaii is very popular on expert

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