What scaled model plane should I buy?




  • 777-200LR
  • 747-8i

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The Boeing 747-8i definitely.

I would buy an Airbus though. But if I’d have to choose from those two, I would choose the above.


I just got my Airbus a330-300!


When the initial response is 77L all the way LOL

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Those are scaled models😂. Good, I thought you meant real one😂


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Brand new poll guys!

  • 747-8i
  • 777-200LR
  • 737-8i
  • a321
  • a340-600
  • A350-900XWB

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A350 link: http://www.theairplanecollection.com/store/p/149579-Airbus-House-A350XWB-Carbon-Color-Scheme-F-WWCF-1-200-Preorder-item-order-now-for-future-delivery.html

a340-600 link: http://www.theairplanecollection.com/store/p/154601-Airbus-A340-600-House-Colors-1-200-with-Gear-Tripod-Stand.html

777-200LR link: https://www.boeingstore.com/products/777-200lr-snap-together-model-with-wood-base

747-8i link: https://www.boeingstore.com/collections/commercial/products/747-8-intercontinental-sunrise-livery-snap-together-model2

a321 link: http://www.theairplanecollection.com/store/p/132765-Airbus-House-A321-1-200-with-Gear-and-Tripod-Stand.html

I corrected the title to make it clearer

What is a 737-8i? Is it supposed to be the 737-8 MAX?

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I messed up … I already have the MAX!

Lol my first time seeing someone so drunk to put in 737-8i xD

747-8 for sure, 77L is a 777 so no, A321 is decent but not as distinctive as a 748, A346 is a nice aircraft but not worth it, A359 needs a nose job…

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