What’s your most odd but realistic flight?

Has to be a flight that you know still operates in real life too. As an example here’s one i’m currently doing:

Istanbul (LTFM) - Havana (MUHA), Turkish Airlines - Boeing 787-9


Idk all the flights I do serve a somewhat purpose but I guess I flew from Miami to Cold Lake for @Butter575 airshow

NZCH-Somewhere in Antarctica lol with @Wonderousbuilder641

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I did Frankfurt - San Antonio with Condor’s A330neo. I’m not exactly sure why it exists. What’s the big draw for tourists?


Maybe a lot of people go to San Francisco via Sacramento since they are so close, also maybe the 2 way factor help, some US tourists may want to go to Frankfurt, but idk I just play infinite flight lol

He’s referring to San Antonio; not SMF or SFO. And i would agree that people from SAT would probably be interested in going to Germany. As someone who’s been to SAT, I wouldn’t understand who anyone would want to visit there. There’s nothing to do 😂


Yeah, that’s probably mine as well.

I was talking about San Antonio, Texas, not Sacramento, California.

For me it will probably be KMCO-NTAA in the Generic B789, but its not a flight irl. But I think my most odd realistic flight that is operated irl is probably either LLBG-KMIA in the El Al B78X or KDFW-ZSPD in the American B788 and B772 (I’ve done that route twice).

KORD to OMDB on an A380

Alaska 737-900 PANC-PAKN
For me

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lol yeah I’m dumb

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Krabi-Gothenburg on the Tui789 is probably my most odd but realistic Flight

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I flew Singapore Airlines flight SQ377 from Barcelona to Milan-Malpensa in the A359. Definitely a strange airline and airplane for this flight, but a realistic one.

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So far mine would be GA88, Garuda Indonesia B777-300ER from Jakarta to Amsterdam. It’s not too weird all things considered, but as of right now it’s the airline’s only flight to Europe and is still rather rare, with only two flights a week

KTN-KLW/AKW C208 Island Air Express, I’ve done this flight IRL

OAK-TER A330 Azores Airlines

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this is an interesting route,

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It really is!!