What’s your most flown aircraft in Infinite Flight?

Hey guys, I was wondering about your most flown aircraft in IF.

My most flown aircrafts are from the a320 series. I like doing some short hauls in Europe or America. I personally love airbus more than Boeing and I’m not a big fan of flying the 737 in IF. To my opinion the A320 is easier to fly when I talk about takeoff and landing.

But let’s see what your most flown aircraft is. What’s your reason you fly it so much? Make a comment if you want :)

  • short haul aircraft
  • long haul aircraft

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777-300 AA Livery usually

Or 787-10 Etihad


I don’t really have any. For the long hauls I use all of the real planes that the airlines use for that flight.


I agree with @A350iscool, I typically try to fly the real aircraft that is used on that route…


Same here. And because these days I don’t have as much time, it’s usually shorter flights, which airlines do in smaller aircraft usually.

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A319 Delta
A330 Delta

SWA 737-8AS, I love southwest

Super Decathlon. Probably around 780 hours spent flying it.


Either the 737 series or the 787 series

Usually fly an A321 or A320, 737s as well as 757s are also common for me.

The Citation X or SR22 for me. Wish I tracked my total all time hours in each.


How about them physics tho 😂😂

I love the 757 also I hope it gets a rework soon 🤞


AA 738. I love every American Airlines livery on that plane.

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Citation isn’t bad. Actually great for some overseas routes.

Me too man, both American liveries look great and it has a wide variety of liveries on it.

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If I flying at Infinite Flight. I always fly on a B777 plane. Especially the B77W Garuda, i always flies according to the real GIA route. I rarely fly another plane. Only use B777 every day.

somehow I didn’t feel bored with the B777 and didn’t want to try another plane

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Any livery 737 fam I love them!

Sadly it is the Citation x

I’m a huge fan of long haul aircraft.

777s, 787s, and A380s.

the 747 is questionable because I never butter it.


Cessna Citation and MD - 11F. The Citation is a nice little private jet, and the MD - 11F is a really fun plane to fly. It’s very different to control than other planes. The ladings are challenging, that’s why I fly it so much.