What’s your longest flights with stop?

I have flown 63 hours with a 737 and 170 hours with a 777 but i got disconnected after 19 hours and didn’t record 140 hours of flight, luckily i took photo and screenshots on how many hours i was in the sky

Photo 8 hours before landing


That’s impressive, i’ve done a NASA C130 Flight across the Antarctic, 3 stops, don’t remember the flight time, around 15h

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8:26 is my longest even with stops, even though it had no stops.

What I mean is my longest flight was without stops.

i did a 17 hour 737-700 flight with no stops a while back

18 hours is mine

I did about 19 hours doing regional flights once.

My longest was a 16-17 hour flight in an Emirates A380 from Dubai to LAX. Man that was a lot of xp.

18 hours is my longest flight from Singapore to new york city

My longest was 23 hrs

My longest flight is 93 hours but it was without stops. Never tried further with stops my device is not up for that.

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I did 21hrs on an a321. I went all around North America

I did 17 hours, nonstop, from Johannesburg (FAOR) over to Atlanta (KATL) on the Delta A359.