What’s your longest ATC session either in TS or ES

Due to the old topic getting closed I wanted to start a new one
My longest is 2:30 hrs on LHR on the training server 2 days ago practicing my skills for when I’m able to apply for IFATC
what’s your longest and what airport?

My longest session was 7 hours


8:20 hrs at LEBB
When i was apprentice 🙃

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Did it get boring at any point?

Very nice!

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No, mainly because I was controlling an Airshow the whole time

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Wow could imagine how busy that would get

I must confess I have couples of 12 hrs at EGLL, LFPG, HAAB and I can’t remember what else 🙄😬


Wow that’s amazing!

Some say crazy 😜 😂

But some say mental 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
What do you prefer doing a flight or being atc?

That’s a tough question 😂

As soon as I take off I want to control and as soon as I control I want to fly 🤷‍♂️💀

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I think I’ve done 3-4 hours in the TS and 3 hours so far in ES

Flying vs controlling…hmm. One way to put it is how do I want to exercise my brain for the day lol. When controlling, once traffic picks up, brain activity is firing left right and time passes by quick

Flying for me is more exploring how to get better at using the aircraft and learning the procedures (SIDs, STARs). And also checking out the view 😎.

At the end of the day after either a flight session or ATC session there’s always a sense of achievement whether it was being able to manage a good load of traffic or perfectly slowing down the plane on the STAR and buttering the landing after a long haul.

Only 4 or 5 hours, something in life always comes up that takes me away.
Or the stress kicks in!

I can’t quite remember the exact time but I know it was between 7-8 hours on Heathrow Approach and Departure. Also @J-F_V was on the local frequencies the whole time with me! 💯

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If I recall correctly, I did 10 hours on MSP once back when I was in IFATC for a FNF.

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I have done a few four hour sessions at lax. My longest though was probably pushing 12.

I have multiple 8-10 hour sessions under my belt, but my longest session was at LEMD, around 12 hours. I had to go outside and touch some grass after all that :)


😨😆 that’s impressive

Hello there ! My longest session was around 5 hours I believe on Toronto Approach