What’s your local airport?

I can tell you, but I’ll have to kill you afterwards.


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Introducing to you, EGPU! 6DC622A6-04A3-4218-8927-57E839D5C06B

Radio hunting for #8 handheld. 🤔


Kansas City International Aiport (KMCI)

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My closest hometown airport would have to be McCarren Intl. in Las Vegas NV.

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KSTL-Lambert-St. Louis International Airport-MISSOURI-USA

Along with Creve Coeur (1H0) and Spirit of St. Louis (KSUS)


MPTO-Tocumen International Airport-PANAMA-PANAMA

Along with Albrook-Marcos Gelabert (MPMG) and Panamá-Pacífico (MPPA).


Auckland International Airport (NZAA)

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CYSU Summerside Prince Edward Island (retired military base, only one active runway) this is still used for c130 Hercules training and a large engine repair shop.

CYYG Charlottetown Prince Edward Island (active airport) main airlines that are based from here-> WestJet and Air Canada

San Antonio International Airport (KSAT)

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KMNN is the closest municipal. Once a year they do an air and hot rod show. They had multiple bi-planes and a B-17 which sounded and looked absolutely stunning.

KMCH would be the closest international. They’ve just announced plans to expand the current terminals. Adding in multiple gates on the south side of the airport. Mainly flying Delta, American and Southwest.

Mine’s CYEG. I saw a Canadian North 732 there once.

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KFMY and KRSW, I live right next to Paige Field (KFMY). KRSW is the closest commercial airport, only 20 minutes away.

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Nearest GA airport: KHWV, 10-15 minutes away
Nearest passenger service airport: KISP, 25 minutes away

KISP, a Focus City for Frontier Airlines, has about 25-27 passenger flights a day, served by 3 airlines, American Eagle, Southwest, and Frontier. the number of daily flights keeps climbing.

Also, I’m just over an hour east of JFK.

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Mine is Boulder Municipal Airport KBDU

The closest international airport to me is Denver International Airport KDEN

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Aberdeen or KABR is the closest regional airport for me

Birmingham (EGBB) right on my doorstep, highlight of my day is the 2:30 arrival of the emirates A380 from Dubai

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KDAL 10 mins walking distance like 1.5 mikes away to a runway and KDFW a like 20
Minute drive

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KLAX. Always get to see the aircraft on right downwind fly over my school!

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YMRY. - Moruya Regional. Served by REX (Regional Express) Airlines with their Saab 340. They have routes to YMER and to Sydney (YSSY). I do my flight training lessons their in my Foxbat A22LS. It has 2 runways both paved, and it is situated next to the seaside.

My closest non-civilian airport is WSAG (Sembawang Air Base) is just located about 3km from where I’m living. It’s always noisy here, as helicopters and fighter jets used by the Singapore Air Force occasionally take off and land here.

Meanwhile WSSS (Changi Airport) and WSSL (Selatar Airport) are the closest civilian airports to my house, approximately a 30 mins drive to the southeast, and 15 mins drive to the east, respectively from my house :)

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