What s your least favorite route to fly?

Here is were you can post your Least favorite route to fly in infinite flight. I want to hear… you I love hearing people’s point of view at things it’s what makes it interesting. Please tell us what you think


  1. You have to tell first, where it is, Post a photo of where it is if you want to. and last what route it is and why it is you least favorite

  2. Be specific, people don’t just want to hear “i was flying over the place and I didn’t like it”

  3. I don’t want anyone to feel bad about what they posted because people have criticized them for it. Be nice to one another

  4. I want everyone to be interested in what people have to say I love t when everyone is nice to each other that would be amazing

If you do all of that I will be one happy guy.

Ok go ahead. Tell me all of your least favorite routes are I am so interested. So what are you waiting for tell me all of you least favorite routes.

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Singapore to Newark seems particularly miserable. Not just because it’s so long, but also because it ends in New Jersey.


Yeah that makes sense it is the longest flight in the world. Lol

Phoenix sky harbor to mesa gateway

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I flew from Kirkenes to Alta, it was on a Dash 8-100 (yay) but started in Kirkenes (nooo :( ) and ended in Alta (noooo)

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Hamilton island to Brisbane in Australia

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KLAX-KSFO is probably my least favorite if I had to choose. It just seems generic with no real sense of adventure.



LAX-SFO is way too overrated in IF

That’s pretty much one of my least favorite routes as well


I find flights that are coast to coast and that are over water the WHOLE time to be boring, there’s just nothing really to look at. But specifically for me, it would be either ATL>PHX (nothing to look at, just brown…), or ATL>LAX (really not that difficult, no cool approaches, never super crazy weather). Don’t get me wrong though, I do really enjoy ATL, it’s so big and has so many flights in and out of it. I just don’t like the fact that ATL and other airports are so simple.

Sorry if what I just said made no sense.

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I do not have a particular route that I do not like but any short flight I dont like. Probably anything under an hour and a half just cause when you go up you will comeback down really quickly.

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Oh wait my least favorite is KLAX to KSFO i really dislike it because it is so long but it doesn’t have that much good of scenery.

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Air Bridge (It´s a short flight and It´s beautiful)

LATI-LIRF flew it so many times and now its my least favourite

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