What’s your favourite aircraft manufacturer to fly in IF?

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Since my last post got reverted back to the original (which is 100% my fault), and I’m sorry but, I would still like to ask, and get the conversation flowing… “What’s your favourite manufacturer of aircraft to fly on Infinite Flight”

To help you with this, I made a table that could help/and the poll at the bottom to get a general idea:

              1           2            3            4           5

ness of
How good/
is it to
make a
Quality of
efficient are
the aircraft?
Does the
have a lot of
live cockpits
in IF?
Is your
aircraft in this

Here is my cliche opinion… My favourite manufacturer is the Airbus fleet, this is because the takeoff rolls are smooth and it’s really easy to do a good landing, (especially on the A330/A350 with the tilted wheels). I also feel Airbus flying quality is better than Boeing, this may be because I feel Boeing aircraft are more sensitive to smaller movements.

  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Embraer
  • Cessna
  • Military Aircraft

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Generally, I prefer Airbus because they are generally newer (A330/A220/A350) and aircraft like the B787 are great but annoying due to their sensitivity or inaccuracy/inefficiency (B747). The airlines I fly most are also mostly Airbus operators. The B787 is often great fun though. However, recently, I found another of my favorite aircraft to fly: the Cessna C208. I tried it out for the first time when Mokulele Airlines came out as a livery and island hopping on the islands of Hawaii was the most fun I had in a long time in IF!

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