What’s your favorite route to fly?

I love DEN - SLC or SEA - SLC, I love the approach to Salt Lake so much!! For long haul I do SFO - ZRH and short haul I do JAX-FLL.

My favourite route? Ohmmm…

There is some truely beautiful ones in Uzbekistan (and that area of the world), as well as some amazing short hops out of Cairo and Addis Ababa.

However, my absolute all time favourite flight that I’ve flown would have to be the three hour hop from Dubai to Yerevan, which is in Armenia. The flight is operated by FlyDubai in one of their Boeing 737s. The departure and scenery during cruise, as it is in around the Middle East, is truely spectacular. It’s the approach you’re looking for though! Weaving through mountains and making your way into Armenia’s capital. I’d 100% recommend checking this one out for yourself!


Istanbul LTFM/LTFJ - LTAF Adana

Highly recommended:

CYVR to KSFO (not too long flight)
CYVR to KLAX (slightly longer)

Both these flights have beautiful scenery.

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Any route in Australia!


Thats a tough one. I love to fly into difficult airports, some of my favorite routes that I’ve flown (in IF) are

Gatwick to Innsbruck (Tui 757-200)
JFK - London City (British Airways A318)
CYYC - CZNL (Cessna 172)
Toronto - Madeira Funchal (Air Canada A330)

There is one acceptation which is Air Canada A330 CYYZ-TBPB because I love Barbados


Man thats alot of routes

If you like difficult airports then you should try Tivat (LYTV) Theres a 20 degree turn just before landing on runway 32. On runway 14 you do something called the circle to land approach which isn’t used much but still cool! Also Tivat is very pretty!

Oh awesome! thanks! Cant wait to try it.

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Completely agree with what you said, The Caucasus region and central asia have become my favourite to fly in now, followed closely by the middle east and north africa. Any route in those areas are brilliant, especially FlyDubai, like you mentioned. I personally love the Dubai - Almaty route but Yerevan is also extremely scenic.

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Anything from Switzerland or Italy or Greece or Portugal :p

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Oh yes. Greece is beautifullllllll

OMDB to FIMP and FIMP fly out, the view on the underwater-waterfall, when turning right after take off from RW14 is simply amazing…

Flying from Tokyo HND/NRT to Hong Kong is one of these routes that will make you enjoy a descent scenery (Flying over Japan, Chinese coast, Taiwan and descending over the Hong Kong bay).
A cool 4hrs flight to do !

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