What’s your favorite route to fly?

I need some ideas! :)))


You could check this out if you need route ideas :)

I personally like CYYC-CYVR though


@Canadian_Aviator Wow, Thanks!

If you’re into Middle Eastern/Asia-Pacific routes, I can give you OERK-OMDB (RUH-DXB), OERK-OEJN (RUH-JED), RPLL-RPVM (MNL-CEB), or OOMS-OKBK (MCT-RUH), and vice versa for all!

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Thanks! I’ll try some!

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I have too many. But to name some, I love long hauls out of Europe. EHAM-KORD, EHAM-KLAX, LFPG-KSFO, EGLL-KORD.


I think from kathmandu to Hong kong From Kathmandu you can see the hills and hong kong kai tak

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I like to fly with these routes sometimes

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I usually do overnights because thats the time i have so nzaa-klax is a good one (12-13 hours) partially cuz im from nz, sometimes i also do nzaa-ymml as a shorter 3 hour one

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I think Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) - Almaty (UAAA) has become one of my favorite routes since I tested it.
The landscapes are so beautiful and varied !
Mountains, ocean, desert, etc… I have created a topic about this flight with some screenshoots, don’t hesitate to check that ;)

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I would give you an idea:

Take a look where you have ATC, take out a Cirrus or TBM for a little Flight. There you can do Pattern Work which boosts your landings for a better grade and you get to know more about Landings!

Today 4 to 7hours ago i was flying in the South of Brazil, departed Florianopolis (With ATC), did 5 Touch and Go’s at the Airport, then departed north towards Sao Paulo and flew up to Registro (South-west of Sao Paulo) and made 2 Touch and Go’s, departed west towards Curitiba, again 2 Touch and Go’s, then departed south-west to make (again) 2 touch and go’s in Blumenau (challenging airport btw for RWY18 approach) before i continued back to Florianopolis. One touch and go there again before i made a full stop.

Brazil had stunning views to offer, the flight was definitly nice, took me around 3 Hours to do. I plan to do it tomorrow again. I will take a look where ATC is and then go there to fly in the region to visit smaller airport!

I will show some screenshots of the Flights later in another topic, i will link it here!

But here are already the pictures of the Route:

Between my last touch and go and my full stop, a 777 landed on another runway, so i left the RWY21 to make my landing on the RWY15 (and of course failed the approach, made one go around!)
221220 Morgenrunde II
And there you can see the whole flight route

@CanadianPilot if you want, we can do a flight together. I choose the location and you make the flight plan? It is only a offer, but if you want, PM me, it would be nice for sure!


Manchester to Alicante
Or Leeds to Krakow

I love these routes!

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TJSJ to KTPA. Love the waters of the Caribbean.

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My fav flight would be Malta to zurich as the view is incredible and the flight is not to long

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My favorite routes are LPPT-CYYZ LPPT KSFO

My one is from faor,fact. Faor,OMDB,OTTH. FAOR to FSIA




is my favorite Route.

my fav is PDX to LAS

i wanna do that!

London Gatwick to Tivat
London Gatwick to Turin
London Gatwick to Mykonos
I love London Gatwick

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