What’s your favorite plane to land manually?!

Wait, people use APPR to auto land…?


I’ve literally never used APPR to land, I only use it on approach and disable it around 4nm from the runway😂

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But no doubt my favorite Aircraft to land is the A350 or 777

Yeah hopefully nobody is using APPR to land for them, I only use it for approaching and intercepting the localiser and glideslope and then disable it before I land

For me it’s really unforgiving - 2kts the wrong speed and you’re either stalling out of the sky, or floating across the runway!

What do you think about the 777? I think It definitely has a hard time with the localizer!

777-200ER, A350, 737, A320

Are the best but regardless of what plane I fly it manually

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The E170 for sure

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I’m still the leader at having the worst landings (Old IFC members would know the famous Starz landing manoeuvres), but my landings have been getting better, especially with the 321 and 350.


I feel that overall APPR is retry useless, it has a few pros but not a very good aircraft feature for pilots

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I did KSFO-KJFK in a United airlines 767 and it lands pretty smooth.

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I used to be better than you at landing but now I’m progressively getting worse with every flight I do

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Now it’s the 757 for me, I never go over 30 V/S. (Usually between 10 and 20 V/S

All of them appr finals in my opinion are unreliable and just a pain for a player who spent years without APPR.