What’s your favorite plane to land manually?!

It’s because you have to use a pretty high speed to get the plane down with a lower AOA due to its length. However, during the flare, when you pull the nose up, the plane floats due to the excess speed. Normally for a plane its size 147-152 is enough. But often I am forced to use up to 158 because of this. The rock part? Blame this on the design. The flaps were not improved over the lighter and shorter 737-800, which causes a lack of lift.

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Well it’s pretty hard to land an A380 in IF properly because of the old physics. The 787 isn’t bad, but the A350 lands better. The distance between the main and nose gear on the 350 makes it hard to slam the nose onto the runway. The 787 doesn’t like to flare properly.

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CRJ-200 and B737-800

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Absolute butter machine and the tilted landing gear


No way its gotta be the 787, I fly both the 787 and the A350 regularly and don’t get me wrong, the A350 almost always butters but the 787 can flare perfectly so you have total control over when you want it to touch down, even when it is at low speeds. It glides through the air perfectly

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And when the tilted gear for the 787 comes (hopefully soon) it will be even better

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When the tilted gear in that one comes I might change my answer but for now the A350 is butterier

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No. Try flying patterns with this beast

For best planes for landing manually are the B777 and A350.

Hmm the 777 is quite heavy and not very easy to butter despite its gear tilt

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I would have to say the 737 it’s much easier to flare and Control even though it’s not easy to better.

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100% The Q400, its so Fun to hand fly.

(vomits). Its impossible man

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F16 no question about it .

Of course Tri-Jets like nothing else! They butter because that’s all I fly pretty much. If it’s not an Airbus it’s a tri-jet! DC-10 / MD-11 / or Any Airbus!..Agree?

I’m currently liking the Airbus. I liked embraer, but I lost the way to land with it. I don’t know if the physics has changed, but before the Airbus the embraer was my favorite.

No, it really is fun.

Still F16 all day

Cessna 208 or B737-800

I can easily butter the A359, but I can also land the 777 family and A380

Boeing 777. Just so easy to control. It performs exactly how you want it to.