What’s your favorite part of infinite flight multiplayer?

I personally love being at the same airport and being parked next to a person who also invests their time in this game. What’s your favorite part?


I really love this simulator has a multiplayer. You have the ability here to meet people from around the world and this game has very beautifull locations which I might never visit in my life.

I’m very interested in aviation and this community and simulator teach me a lot about it.

I also like the ATC in If. You actually talk with real people and gives you a really cool impression about ATC irl. You can get unrealistic traffic which makes it more challenging.


I think this should be moved to live.

When someone who is trolling at an FNF immediately gets ghosted by a mod

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I like the most when I talk with ATC, as they are real people working for you. This is amazing

To be able to fly around the world, meet amazing people along the way, and finally land at your favorite airport with professional ATC to guide you in ❤️

We have the freedom to explore planet Earth, and that’s the greatest thing there is, to fly anywhere, anytime you’d like with anyone as well 🛫

Having such great events arranged and group flights to participate plus additionally a wide fleet of all types of aircraft with so much more to come in the future. The multiplayer experience gives our beloved Earth and hundreds of countries to visit, That’s Infinite Flight Multiplayer 🌏


I love when Different airports are busy. Not always KLAX and EGLL


I love it when I’m spawned in at the gate setting my flight plan and someone spawns next to me and copies my flight plan and follows me


Never happend to me but sure 😂


Probably taking off and landing. I know it sounds boring but I enjoy watching people taking off and landing!


Taking off and landing, as well as watching others takeoff and land.
Least favorite part: IFATC
Lol jk


I mean, its only happened once, but it’s still nice to also meet people.


My favorite part is the training server… Idk why… XD


My favorite part is pretending to be a car with a GA at KLAX on training to see if ATC caresXD

Being serious now I like how many places you can fly the airplanes and the high quality graphics in some of those places makes it 10x more realistic and much like your actually there I like all the people that you can fly with and sometimes need via the IFC I love the events you can sign up for and the VAs that invite you and make the IF experience so much more fun enjoyable and of course realistic

I love talking about with the ATC

Short answer - Casual server

I love the suspense of headwinds that lower your fuel even more so you don’t know if you will run out of fuel and crash.

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