What’s your favorite jet?

F-14 cruising over Alaska

No route, photo taken in solo


Wow awesome photo!

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Nice photo. I think my favorite jet IRL would be the General Dynamics F-16C or the Lockheed Martin F-22.

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Once again…Awesome!

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Thanks, you never seem to fail to be first comment.

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Great picture,

In terms of jets, i personally like the f16.

✅ Replay Feature
✅ 4K High Resolution Screenshot Feature.
✅ Nice Filter / edit
✅ Perfect Angle view.
✅ In the Snowy regions.
✅ F-14

I totally love this picture bro. Rate this a solid 6/6. Thanks for sharing!

Looks really cool

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unusual but I liked it

Amazing photo. It looks so good.
I’d say the F-22 probably. I’m not into the Air Force stuff though.