What’s your favorite Boeing Plane?

Can’t argue with the performance…

Short Haul: 737MAX series (I don’t care what you say 2 crashes is still way safer then the thousands of car crashes
Long Haul: 787 series


I agree. I don’t think the MAX’s should get so much hate.


This @IF787 that exactly Max and 787


Good’ol X-32 for me, here is some artist renderings of it if it was put into service, but it was actually made as a proof of concept.


For commercial I would probably go with the 787, I love the sleek modern design and large wings!


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The Max 8 is wonderful piece of engineering! It doesn’t deserve the storm it’s been given. In my opinion I’d rather fly on a Max 8 rather than the A320 or even A321

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727 because of the trump shuttle!


I’m an Airbus fan. But my favorite Boeing aircraft is definitely the 777-200LR or the 777-300ER

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777 family. I want to fly the -300ER and -200ER for American and then the -200F for FedEx

By far the 727 series, just pure beauty…

BOEING 777-300ER (77W)
Is my favorite.

I feel you schyllberg :D

“What’s your favorite…” - a bit too much of these.