What’s your favorite aircraft and airport

What you guys think about playing a little ?

What’s your favorite aircraft and why you like it ?
Also, what was the airport that you most liked to visit could be traveling, working, spotting, anything !


Mine is 787-10 and KSTS

And also, this goes on Meta, not general:)

Aircraft: B787 & Airport: EGLL

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Meta is about the forum, this should fit General, as long-answer based questions are permitted here.

So either #general (for IF) or #real-world-aviation (for IRL)

Edit: @Patrick_McCormack said it better

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Here is a link to another topic on this. I don’t know if you are talking about IF or real life though, so I am unsure what topic this should be put in?

It seems all the 'What is your favorite aircraft threads are now closed, so this may be allowed to stay open.

@FlightisticYT It definitely won’t be meta I would say.

So either #general (for IF) or #real-world-aviation (for IRL)

Levet stated a few months ago that there are too many of these types of topics :)

@ItsBlitz I also was talking to moderators about this and was told that unfortunately these types of topics are too hard to moderate leading to them not being allowed. (in case the OP was wondering)

Thanks for pointing this out though.

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757 and 767 (sorry but there both sooooooo good) even though the haven’t been updated in eternity. And KHPN! I love this airport I fly in and out of there a lot, and since its somewhat close to my house so I go spotting there sometimes!

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My favourite aircraft is the 787 and my favourite airport is Amsterdam Schiphol

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737 and KSBA. Very scenic. :)

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We do have some existing topics in #real-world-aviation on favorite airports and planes as well as topics like this for Infinite Flight.

In an effort to reduce clutter please search for and reply to these posts instead.

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