What’s your closest to a mid-air collision?

Even though Infinite Flight doesn’t simulate collisions, it scares the hell out of me when I see another plane turn red in my map.

A few days ago in Hawaii, I was flying a Boeing 737 of Southwest, and happened to turn final at exactly the same time as a Thai A340. So this happened…

I swear I passed within 50 metres of that plane. Of course I was asked to go around by ATC after that.

I wonder if anyone else in the community has got this close to disaster before. Only unintentional near misses are counted, as many of us have flown in extremely close formation several times with others.


I never have this happen because I always stay safe in the air.


I am pretty sure this should be in #live

Oh gosh. So I was flying training server LAS-LAX (because the traffic in expert overwhelms me sometimes) and I am inbound at about 15 miles and an F-22 Raptor all of the sudden is flying like Mach 2 directly at me. I searched and search to try and find the replay of it, but the flight I would have had to watch all over again. It literally made be jump. 😬


I saw you guys… I was the United 737 from Majuro begins you guys. That guy got warnings from the ATC to check tutorials. He got instructed to do a go-around. That Southwest Plane was pretty close to collision with me too… I think I did a parallel landing with you. If you have the replay file you should see my name right behind you


Well there’s casual server and collisions are expected, but my closest collision in expert Server was at Stewart Airport the day it was featured.

Just to note, I’m on 2 mile final, the CRJ just flew over me, he got ghosted later for other reasons.


When I was flying with @GlobalFlyer1 yesterday, some guy with the callsign Copa 729 was flying erratically with ghosting threats from ATC at Calgary last night and got to the point where his plane said 0 NM away. A rough measurement would be 800 feet away from us. Thankfully ATC approved my request to switch to the parallel runway next to me.


Yeah, I saw the replay and you were indeed right behind me.

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Yeh… sorry if I was being too close… i dont remember much but if I did… I’m very sorry. I remember being very close to the Southwest Plane but I don’t think I was close to you…

If I took that the wrong way, my bad

image image


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This is the closest I have got to any plane


By the way, that is a close call, wayyy to close.


I think the XCub Launch Event beat it all:

Screenshot_20190720-223245 Screenshot_20190720-224848


Holy crap, I think you win.


I was flying a C130 out if YYC this weekend and a 76 to my right was turning left right as I was turning right. We got close enough for traffic to be called and pull up with sirans everywhere

Yea it be scary to cuz it ruins your whole flight and they trolll


I was flying to KSEA from KLAX (ASA A320) and I was on final for 34R, I was established on the localizer and APPR was on. Out of nowhere, A JetBlue A321 comes within 20 feet of my aircraft trying to get on the glideslope for 34C so he can turn on APPR, he ended up going too low and too fast, and crashed into the broken terrain short of 34C.

oh yeah this was on expert, too. i’m sure he got atleast two violations

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Why were you asked to go around? Aren’t you lower?

I have had a loss of seperation at 32000 ft once…