What’s your best or worst airline?

What is your best or worst airline? Not the model, but an actual company. Mine is easyJet, I fly on it all the time.

Any airliner not in IF is also allowed.

Reasons are always appreciated!

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Qatar Airways! Fly on them practically 90% of the time. Best airline in the world 👍

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Easy jet is not an airplane

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Air Canada! I’m a fan of Canada, their meals in flight, and their liveries along with fleet!

It’s an airline company.

Yea but it is not an airplane

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Don’t post irrelevant stuff here. I want this topic to become popular.

Hey Jamie!

You’ve been here for a while, so remember to search for a topic before you create one, and there have been tons of threads with almost identical names and questions.

Also, you are not a TL2 (member), which means you are not able to post #real-world-aviation topics, and unfortunately this topic fits under that.

Hope you understand!


No one takes notice that this should be in #real-world-aviation yet he’s only TL1 so he can’t that is unless this is to do with Infinite Flight.

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