What’s your 2019 been like?

What’s the best thing you have done this Year? (Aviation related of course 😊)

Here’s the highlights of my year:

Let me know what you think :)


It has been a great year. Many, many flights and memories!

Lovely video!

These are my highlights!

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One of my aviation highlights of 2019 would be being able to fly both variants of the A350 (900 and 1000) on CX with the 1000 being a surprise equipment swap. Definitely a pleasant surprise!


Well, aviation has been pretty much the only good thing in my 2019 😂


Same, nothing except the IFC brought me serious joy in this year. I’m glad to have returned in August.


Yeah this year was quite sad for me (private reasons)
But the IFC brought me some joy in this year. Hope 2020 will be an amazing year🎇🥳


It Was a great Year in terms of Aviation i.e but in my personal life 2019 has been a bit difficult
First flight Alone (on Westjet)
I flew the 737 Max 8 48 hours at free the crash ( not really a Hilghlight but it was flying so I enjoyed it.)
And flying on a Cessna 172 with friends

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My 2019? Well, my 2019 has been quite awesome. I hope next year, and next decade, are even better than this year though. Without further ado, here is what my (aviation) 2019 has been like.

  • I went on my first spotting trip that I shared on the IFC. Link

  • I rode the Ford Tri-Motor.

  • I volunteered at the Warbirds over Monroe Airshow. Link

And I have many more things, these are some of the best.


I flew many times this year, and am really glad that I got the chance to do that! This year, I have:

-Flown many new airlines including SAS, TAP Air Portugal, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, Iberia, Air Europa, and Icelandair!

-Flown on some cool aircraft, such as the A330neo in both Economy and Business Class, the 747 with Lufthansa in economy, the A380 with Lufthansa in Premium Economy, and the 787 with United in business class!

-Attended ground school courses at my local airport, hoping to get my PPL soon!

-I flew to Europe 4 times, and visited Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal, and I flew to Australia for the first time as well!

Definitely one of the best years for travel for me, but I hope 2020 will be better! Happy New Year :)


In 2019 I flew on my first wide body jet, a 787-8. Unfortunately this was only on a short flight from IAD-DEN.
Travel wise I only flew to DC and back for a school trip, but I did drive half way across the country and back about 2 times despite telling my family that we should fly instead 😡.
I also took my first IRL flight lesson and purchased a PC simulator with basic control surfaces (yoke, rudder, throttle).

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It’s been a year.

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I made a video rewind of my 2019.
2019 was awesome. Started plane spotting with a DSLR camera and met amazing people.


2019 at first was like every other year, sometimes I would visit the airport to pickup or drop someone, but didn’t have enough time to spot. After the summer ended, the best thing happened to me. I finally made it to ground school, which is a very important achievement in my life!! Now I can work my way up to one day become a commercial pilot in the upcoming years!

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I flew from San Jose (SJC/KSJC) to Seattle (SEA/KSEA) quite often this year. This was mostly for braces


Doing aircraft maintenance for work experience was so much fun

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There’s been big ups and huge downs. In my personal life, I wasn’t doing so great and no one really knew that my mental health was deteriorating. I had lost interest in aviation a year prior and was basically bored for most of that year. I haven’t flown since summer 2017, which got me to lose that interest in a big amount. It was only until August of 2019, when I flew for the first time in 2 years. I was ecstatic and I loved it. It made me go back into Infinite Flight and invest in subscriptions, my interest had skyrocketed. And later I came back to the IFC, and met up with so many great people of which I genuinely enjoy their company, thats including you, the person reading this. In October, I flew yet again, already boosting my love for aviation. Now, I had made up with many old foes, made new friends since then, and Im doing very well now. I’m so happy with what this community has done for me. You have supported me in everything, some spent time with me flying together. Thank you.


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